The Best Packaging Design in the World

In our humble opinion Jif Lemon Juice has the best packaging design ever created. It was originally designed in 1956 and has changed very little since then – a testament to its appeal and success. It is also one of the first food products to be packaged using plastic.

Jif Lemon Package


Its instantly recognisable packaging has been the cornerstone of the Jif Lemon Juice brand but the origins of the design are not completely clear. There is debate about who designed the packaging with Edward Hack being credited with the idea of making a plastic lemon container, while Bill Pugh and Stanley Wagner (working for different plastic manufacturers) claim to have made the plastic lemon shape.

Although Jif Lemon Juice is only sold in the UK and Ireland its packaging design is recognised globally. In the 1980s it was copied by US company Borden Inc for a product they were marketing called Realemon. Jif Lemon’s owners at the time, Reckitt and Coleman, took legal proceedings for ‘passing off’ which they won in 1990. Since this time there have been many lemon juice packs that have clearly been influenced by the Jif Lemon Juice packaging design.

Posted 8 October 2015

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