Dairy Free Ice Cream Packaging

With the number of people who are lactose intolerant and those who choose to be vegan on the increase we have seen more food products aimed at this demographic appearing in the supermarkets over the past few years. For dairy avert ice cream lovers it is good to see that there are alternative options now available.

In terms of packaging design for these dairy free ice cream alternatives there is a real variety – from the more traditional look where the product and ingredients are the heroes, to purely abstract designs.

Here we have a selection of chocolate dairy free ice cream for comparison and ask – based purely on the look of the packaging design which would you take home to try?


Amys Packaging

So Delicious PackagingLittle Island PackagingJudes PackagingCoconut Bliss PackagingBooja Booja PackagingBessant & Drury Packaging


Posted 15 September 2015

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