Packaging Ideas – Fruit Moulds

As packaging designers we’re always keeping our eyes open for the next big idea and this could be it for fruit packaging – moulds that let you shape fruit.

Baby Shaped Pear

They definitely distinguish the fruit from their competitors and there’s an opportunity to charge a premium price for the novelty of the product. However, it would be impractical to produce a whole crop of shaped fruit, so how could growers use moulds to promote their regular shaped product?

Fruit Mould


We’ve had a few quick ideas:

Idea #1: Introduce just one shaped fruit into fruit multi-packs. People will buy the packs to get the one novelty fruit and attention from the media would be a great way to promote a fruit brand or get publicity when introducing a new variety of fruit to the marketplace.

Idea #2: Create shaped fruit and then use photographs of them in social media campaigns to promote the grower’s brand. This could work in conjunction with a competition for people to send in photographs of unusual shaped fruit.

Idea #3: Create a custom mould with the grower’s logo or web address and mix these branded fruit into their regular stock. Then run a competition for people to find the branded fruit and claim a prize.

Idea #4: Mix shaped fruit into the grower’s regular stock (making sure they have a branded fruit sticker) and wait for the shaped fruit to be discovered and the story to unfold virally.

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Square Apples

Posted 12 March 2015

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