Brand Evolution – Pepsi and Coca-Cola

Pepsi and Coca-Cola are the world’s most well known drinks brands. Since the late 19th century they have competed with each other for market dominance and over that time their brands and packaging design have understandably evolved.

We have designed a timeline showing the evolution of their logos over the past 120+ years.

Pepsi Coke brand evolution


Some history
Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 as a patent medicine by John Pemberton. Its market dominance has been attributed to a businessman investor called Asa Griggs Candler who became a shareholder in 1888. His active marketing of Coca-Cola helped lay the foundations from which Coca-Cola’s popularity and success has grown.

Pepsi first entered the American market in 1893 but was initially called Brad’s Drink after its creator Caleb Bradham. It wasn’t until 1898 that its name was changed to Pepsi Cola, after the ingredients pepsin and kola nuts that were used in its recipe. In 1961 the name was shortened to just Pepsi.

Posted 2 July 2015

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