Craft Beer Packaging Design

Over the last few years we have seen the rise in popularity of craft beers and the beer connoisseur is becoming as accepted as those who appreciate good wines. With more craft beers now on the market they not only need to distinguish themselves from the big brewery brands, they also need to stand out from the growing number of craft beer competitors.

To reflect the artisanship that has gone into the making of a craft beer the beer labels themselves have become canvases of expression, introducing the consumer to the brewery’s ethos. We’ve picked out a few of our favourites to show you here.

Although a great looking beer label will encourage that first purchase, it will be the contents of the bottle and a strong brand that will keep consumer loyalty – something that all breweries large or small are looking to capture.

Beer Packaging Sagrada

Beer Packaging Jack Black

Beer Packaging Kaiju

Beer Packaging McGrathsBeer Packaging Rogue


Beer Packaging Pang PangBeer Packaging TruBru

Posted 4 August 2015

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