The Future of Packaging?

A variety of products come packaged in plastic or with plastic components. An alternative to this has been borne out of a partnership between Swedish company Billerudkorsnas and FibreForm Packaging which has led to the development of the first 3D formable paper, FibreForm. This new paper material is made from 100% primary fibres, is stretchable, strong, mouldable and food friendly and is shaking up traditional packaging as we know it.

FibreForm is biodegradable and recyclable and a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic. It can be printed on, embossed more deeply than normal paper to give a great tactile experience, and achieve exciting shapes than can give a real point of difference.

UK retailer Marks and Spencer have utilised the strength and elastic qualities of FibreForm to replace the frustrating traditional metal or plastic ties that secure toys in their packaging. Their toys are now secured using lengths of FibreForm that have locking teeth and enable products of various sizes to be secured but then once opened easily torn to give quick access to the toy.

FibreForm applications are wide and still being explored, it will be interesting to see if any of our New Zealand retail or FMCG companies test the waters with this innovative material in the near future.

M&S Cable Tie Package

FibreForm packaging

FibreForm packaging

FibreForm packaging


Posted 13 August 2015

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