Copy or Coincidence – Fruit Juice Packaging Design

We recently bought some orange juice from New Zealand company Homegrown and there was something strangely familiar about the label design. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that we realised where we had seen it before – Tropicana orange juice, it’s the got the same image on their packaging.

Orange Juice Packaging


The Homegrown label isn't as slick as the packaging Tropicana have created but there’s no denying they have the same idea – we wonder if Homegrown realise that Tropicana beat them to it.

As a trademark of PepsiCo the orange/straw image has the potential to land Homegrown in trouble, especially if the American giant ever plans to bring the Tropicana brand down under. The packaging design company working for Homegrown should have picked up on this during their research, especially as the Tropicana packaging has been around for years. A lesson for everyone out there – use a reputable design company if you want original branding and product packaging.

Despite the packaging Homegrown have a great product and we particularly recommend the apple juice – delicious.

Posted 17 April 2015

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