Supermarket Home Brands and Packaging Design

Supermarket home brands are increasingly using more sophisticated packaging design and prominent branding to capture a larger share of the market. Some are so successful that they are seen as brands in their own right, independent of the supermarkets that they belong to.

Because home brand labels are often cheaper than their name brand competitors they have traditionally been popular with shoppers who need to keep their weekly shop to a budget. However, the recent economic climate has meant that more people are seeking cheaper alternatives to the brands they are usually loyal to. With the cheaper brands not necessarily looking cheap anymore this gives the consumer even more reason to buy them.

With this in mind established high-end brands and new brands entering the market need to work harder to justify their higher cost and gain sales. More than ever consideration needs to be given to market research and creating a brand and packaging design that is appropriate for the target audience, has a point of difference and builds trust and loyalty with the consumer.

Waitrose honey packaging

Waitrose Supermarket in the UK has a strong reputation for creating high end packaging design for their home brand products. When looking at some of their product ranges it’s no surprise they are being so successful.

Waitrose mustard packagingWaitrose jams packaging

Posted 23 April 2015

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