Delivering Brand Impact to the Doorstep

With the growing popularity of online shopping many consumers never see the product they buy sitting on a shelf or hanging in a store. So how do you get consumers to experience your brand when they don’t visit a retail store? You should aim to deliver your brand to them when you deliver the product.

 Birchbox May 2014

An example of delivering a successful packaging brand experience is American online retail company Birchbox. Their customers sign up for monthly deliveries of sample beauty, grooming and lifestyle products. The package arrives in a brightly coloured branded box within which the products are beautifully wrapped. The customer feels like they are receiving a gift and they are left eagerly anticipating their next package. Each month brings a different theme to the packaging design while still promoting the Birchbox brand.

 Birchbox 2

It is just as important for retailers who have physical stores to give real consideration to the way products they sell online are received on their customer's doorstep to ensure the brand success achieved in store translates in its own unique way to online delivery.

Birchbox 3

Posted 1 May 2015

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